Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chicago 2011

So, it's been over a week, but I wanted to show these pictures, because I am in love with Chicago.  We left to visit my dad on December 20th and got home the 22nd.  I was finally able to show my husband, after seven years of being together, my second home.  Sorry some of these are blurry, I forgot the extra camera battery at home and didn't want to waste the one I had so I didn't use a flash the entire time.

Finally in Illinois!  Every classic traveling with kids issue you can think of we had. Screaming, crying and about 100 are we there yets!

Yet, they look like such angels!

Daddy putting together the kids meal toy.

Getting PJ's on at dad's house

My dad's injured cat.

Meeting the cats. Charlie said, 'nice nice'

Running to the Metra.  Dad must have forgotten what it's like to get ready with two little ones.  We made the train by 2 minutes.

Charlie loves the train as much as I do!

He talked about everything he saw out the window.

Union Station!!!  I went here all the time as a kid!

And there she is, I get excited seeing this, even with the fog blocking half the view!

Dario, my dad and my little brother, Marshall. 

Amazing coffee shop, Intelegence, something like that.

Way cool, I need to learn how to do this.

Macys, however it will always be Marshall Fields to me.

Santa time!!
Figuring out Santa's navigation system.
It's great that they have this interactive stuff to distract the kids while you are in the looonggg line.

I was leaning my arms over, I hate heights!

In the ornament section, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Dad wanted to show us the Tiffany Dome.

Yeah I want something like this in my home! ;)

I zoomed in so Dario has a template to start from.

Going around the Macys building looking at the display windows

When this bus went by I told my husband it was a sign, and he needed to buy me a coach purse.

Christmas trees by our table in the Walnut Room

Faith and her fancy apple cider.

The Christmas fairy came to our table to grant wishes.

Tilapia, so good.

Dario had me take pictures of buildings that were in Transformers 3.

Main building in the movie.

The WGN radio station, on another day my dad would be behind the mic.
Statue outside my dad's work.

Faith looking quite pleased with her purchases.

Back to the train to go home.

I really like this picture.

Haha, Charlie after waking up from his nap. He gets sweaty!

Faith made a gingerbread girl.  Nice heels!

It's getting very serious in here!  Actually, my dad is just a big goofball!

I love how they make eachother laugh so hard.

Mmm Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Opening gifts

The next morning, getting ready to go home, well Dario and I were.

Again, dad being goofy chasing the car.

As we crossed back into Iowa.

Watching Rio on the way home!

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  1. A truly happy family time together...and these pictures will always bring back the memories. Thanks Margaret.