Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacation Memory Idea

When I was in Egypt I was given a really cool looking ticket at each attraction we went to.  I remember thinking how impressive they looked and how I needed to think of a cool way to display them.  I was at Hobby Lobby recently looking at wedding things for my friends wedding next year, and I noticed they had frames 50% off.  After spotting a pretty, dark brown frame I decided that would be how I saved my memories.

I was able to put all the tickets in, plus some of my airline tickets and some money.  I am thrilled as to how it turned out!  I used a glue gun to glue them on, and the only issue I had was around the airline tickets.  It left a slight burn mark.  Looks kind of cool though.  You can see it at the bottom on the right a little in the big picture.


  1. Totally cool. You really have the scrapbook gene Mugs. Maybe I'll hire you to pick through our shoe boxes and piece together a family narrative.

    1. Thanks Pop. Unfortunately, while going through another pocket of my backpack I found my ticket from the Cairo Opera House and I really want that framed too. I think I will do a second, smaller frame with mostly pictures, but still some things thrown in, I have different money and shells from the Red Sea that I could put in. I wanted to put our group shot from the Luxor Temple in the frame, but it's a rather large picture, maybe 8 x 10, so it took too much room. I might frame that one picture with stuff.