Thursday, June 7, 2012


I returned yesterday after three weeks in Egypt.  I had initially meant to post everyday, but unfortunately I rarely had the luxury of the Internet.  The trip was more then I could have ever asked for.  I made so many new friends and experienced so many amazing things.  Everyday was jammed full of new, exciting places.  I can't believe how many beautiful tombs, pyramids, and locations Egypt has to offer.  There are videos at the bottom, please enjoy them.

Our cruise ship 

At a juice bar in Alexandria

Just hanging out on the boat in the Red Sea, no big deal!

The boats were so pretty.  Going by the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria.

This was our first hotel in Cairo, the Sheraton Dreamland.

Our group at the Cairo Museum of Antiquities 

Another shot of the Museum
Yummy cold tea, tasted a bit like pomegranate, but it was made from hibiscus 

Egyptian desserts, they add a coat of honey to just about everything.  Makes it sweet.

Me and my roommates in front of the first pyramid ever built.  The King made it into six steps and the seventh would be the step into heaven. 
Resting while trekking through the White Desert.

Our school group in front of a smaller pyramid.  Still giant, but not as big as the Great Pyramids.  I liked these because there were no vendors chasing you trying to sell you items.

A statue King Ramses II had built.  Amazing.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  The two girls on my right, Amanda in black and Kelly next to her, became my best buddies over the course of the trip.  Here we are in a safari themed restaurant, amazing grilled meat.

Ok, here we are in front of the Great Pyramid.  You can see the vendors walking around selling stuff.

Yeah, that's me on a camel. 
This is where former President Sadat's tomb is located, across the street from where he was assassinated while watching a parade. 

Lucky Sphinx kiss! 
Taking a dip in the hot spring at the desert oasis we stayed in before camping in the White Desert.

The Oasis

Eating lunch on our way to the campsite.  It was about 110 degrees, by this time we were sweaty, tired and covered in flies.

The jeeps taking us to our campsite.  These were awesome, flying over the sand dunes!

This is our professor, he was on television being interviewed about the presidential election.  We were yelling and cheering when he came on.

Taking a break in the White Desert.

Now this is a view I could wake up to.  Sunrise in the White Desert.
Our second hotel in Cairo after camping.  My view of the Nile from my room at the Marriott. 

While visiting the Citadel we had to wrap our hair.  Made for a cute photo. 
Throughout our trip we had lectures, this was one of my favorites.  This woman had been in Tahir Square during the revolution.  She made the difficult decision to take her little boy and go to the square to fight for their freedom.  This was an emotional lecture, and I teared up the entire time.  "We will never go back" 
Looking fancy.  The girls with our new friends Haytham on the left and Judge Samir on the right.  We were on our way to the Cairo Oprah House to watch the symphony. 
Mummified alligators, given as offerings to the Gods.

Me at Queen Hatshepsut's Temple.  Amazing, this is what I was most looking forward to. 

Playing with the jellyfish in the Red Sea 

Getting ready to snorkel in the Red Sea.  It was so beautiful.

Me and the Pompei Pillar
At the Mosque of Sultan Hassan 
Dancing on the cruise ship


  1. Great job Margaret capturing the highlights and essence of your trip. What memories you have. You now have been bitten by the travel bug...may you long enjoy experiencing other lands and other people. Getting to know the world is a wonderful thing.

  2. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X