Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shedd Aquarium-Chicago

If you're planning on traveling to Chicago one of the have to attractions is definitely the Shedd Aquarium.

Ok, here is my top suggestion for going to this aquarium, pay attention, because I read this tip previously and didn't listen, and I should've. GET THERE BEFORE IT OPENS!!!!  Oh my word, this line is absolutely INSANE!!!!  We got to the aquarium 30 minutes after it opened and the line was already crazy.  However, once we were in, it was AMAZING.  It was absolutely fantastic, even with an eight year old who was suffering through a fever and ended up going back to the truck with grandma so sleep while little Charlie and I finished the aquarium and went to another museum.

So the good about waiting in line, the good about waiting in line, look around, what are my options?  Turning around and *BAM* we're standing in front of any incredible view of the Chicago skyline.  I hoisted the kiddos on the ledge and had a little photo shoot.  Well, that killed about five minutes of the endless we were waiting.
Even more fantastic luck, there was a race going on that we could see perfectly from the ledge.  People were running by below us, which made for a perfect place to cheer them on, which is what they did with grandma while I waited in the line from hell.

Once you get past the line you realize what all the fuss is about.  There are endless exhibits for you to walk through, endless photo opportunities and a HUGE gift shop to splurge in.  Even feeling under the weather, Faith loved what she saw.  Charlie probably could have spent the entire day wandering around, but we had to get to the next museum before we left to drive home.

If you're interested in visiting Shedd Aquarium and would like more information, just click here!

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