Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Beatles Quiet Time Book

I attend college at Drake University and left the last day of my Honors Beatles Class.  It was an amazing course, especially if you already loved the Beatles, which I did.  My professor didn't want us to take a final test, because that's not rock n' roll he said.  Instead, we had to make a creative project.  Some were pretty funny, one girl made a découpage futon, this is college people, covered in Beatles pictures.  It broke while she was sitting on it watching the rest of the presentations.  Some were way cool, a classmate did a rendition of 'Let It Be' playing all the instruments himself.  Very impressive.

For my project I wanted to make something I could reuse, while teaching my kids more about the Beatles.  It is important that we pass these awesome Fab Four onto the next generation, and I, for one, am doing my part.

I ended up making my son a 'Yellow Submarine' quiet time book.

The cover of Charlie's quiet time book
It turned out really well, everyone was thoroughly impressed.  The guy that went after me asked if he could follow anybody else, because his was going to look bad now.

The inside cover
The first page, this is when time goes backward and the Beatles turn into kids.
The clock hands turn.  For this I covered large popsicle sticks in felt. John Lennon on this page.
From the sea of holes scene.  It says, Where is Jeremy?  Ringo Starr on this page.

Charlie loves mirrors, so when you lift up the hole, there is Jeremy, and a mirror. 

The word 'More', the hearts and the teapot are all velcroed on, so they can come off.   To make them thicker I double layered the felt.  This is from the 'All Together Now' song.
Here, the pictures velcro on, the look at me square is a mirror.  The yellow is an envelope to hold all the velcro pieces.
This is supposed to be like looking out the front window of the submarine.  The wheel turns to change the colors and the buttons are dog squeaker toys.
Looking out the window of the submarine to see the familiar characters.
George Harrison this page.  From when the motor breaks.
I love this line, "What's the matter fellas? Blue Meanies?"  The flowers can unbutton. Paul McCartney on this page.

Charlie loves his new book.

There's Charlie!!!

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  1. Hope the tykes don't spill on/tear/lose this beautiful creation of love.