Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Batmobile Cozy Coupe!

My husband and I wanted to get Charlie a Cozy Cruiser, but I was really not looking to pay as much as they cost at the stores.  You can't imagine how excited I was to find one for sale at a garage sale at the end of our street, literally, I mean it was about 5 houses away!  It was quite faded and an older version, clearly had been used often, so she was willing to give it to me for $4.  We bought, took it home, and pondered what to do with it.  We wanted Charlie to have something cool to ride around in, so my husband came up with the coolest idea.  Suddenly, Batmobile, blurted out of his mouth!

We already had cans of black and yellow paint, so I thought, let's do it!!

I first sprayed the yellow on all four sides and on the steering wheel.  My husband cut out the Batman symbols onto painters tape and stuck them onto all four sides.  We printed out the Batman symbol and rubbed vegetable oil on the paper before we stuck the strips of painters tape to it.  This created a sticker effect for the tape, so after we cut out the symbol we could just peel the tape off easily.  I still had letter scrapbook stickers, so I used some leftovers to stick 'BATMOBILE' across the back.

I would have to say it turned out well!




  1. How did you do the batman logo onto the coupe? I am having a hard to
    E understanding that part... Paint the doors etc yellow then put painters tape over the doors etc but then I get lost, maybe it's just me ;)

    1. Hey Sarah, don't worry, it's a bit tricky.

      What we did was print off the Batman Logo from the internet.
      My husband then took Vegetable Oil and rubbed it on the paper with a paper-towel. The paper should be clear and a bit slippery feeling.
      After that, I took strips of blue painters tape and covered the logo with the strips of tape. I cut the logo out, starting with the oval and then the bat.
      The oil makes the tape have a sticker effect on the paper, so you should be able to easily peel the tape off the paper.
      Finally, stick the stickered logo onto the sides of the car and spray it all black.
      After the black paint is dry you should be able to peel the logo off, leaving a perfect symbol on the car!

      I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any more issues.

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    1. I asked my husband, he said he wiped the oil on, and then wiped it off the paper. THen you can tape the side that the oil was rubbed onto. Again, the paper should be transparent.

  3. Fantastic job! Me and my husband found this on Pinterest and loved it so much, we decided to try it for our nephew's birthday in a few weeks! Instead of printing out a logo, I think we're just going to purchase a weather-proof vinyl cut-out and spray the whole thing with a clear-coat to keep it from peeling off. I do have one question though. We're still waiting my parents to drop off their old cozy coupe but we want to go ahead and order the cut-outs. Could you possibly give us the dimensions of the door? We think a 7" long sticker will work, but we want to make sure... thanks so much! We'd really appreciate it :]

    1. Hey Hannah, thanks for your sweet comments! I measured the door and the door's logo:

      The door itself measures 19" x 6"

      The logo we put on the door is 7.5" x 4"

      So, I think a 7" logo will look awesome! Please, send me a pic when you finish so I can post it!

      Follow my blog, that would be great!

    2. Oh, thank you so much! I went ahead and ordered two 7" logos, as well as some small 4" ones to go on the front and back... I can't wait to start on it! I can only hope ours will turn out as awesome as yours ;] I'll try to post a picture when it's done... wish us luck!

  4. This is amazing! I also saw it on Pinterest. I often wonder how well paint does on plastic like this ... Is it still relatively intact a fee months down the track? Not peeling off?
    Thanks so much for posting it - the possibilities are truly endless!

    1. Hey Sally,
      Yeah, the paint has held up really well. We used a Krylon that specifically molds to plastic. The only issues we've run into are on the door frame. We've had to do a few touch ups, nothing crazy though.

  5. What brand of spray paint did you use? Its obvious what you used is holding up since u said its just at the door frame u've had to touch up so I figured it makes sense to try and use the same product! Thanks for this idea!! I'm doin it for my son's 4th birthday which is a batman theme :)