Monday, July 30, 2012

National Balloon Classic

To close our wonderful evening I surprised my husband with a visit to Indianola, IA to see the National Balloon Classic.  
 The check-in was a bit rough.  If you are planning on going, DO NOT try and check in before 6pm, you will not be welcome with open arms if you happen to accidentally find your way behind the fence. Which, is what we did because the signs were a little mis-informing.
Giving us a pep-talk and short directions...
The balloon basket we rode in!

This is one of those once in a lifetime things, well, I don't want to spend this much everyday, so yeah!  Anyway, so I took a bunch of pictures!

Bye Everyone!

I couldn't believe how beautiful Iowa is from this view!

Now this is the way to watch the Balloon Classic!!!

Hello, water.  I do not want to land in you!

The ride was AMAZING, and I would highly recommend going, especially with this great company!  The more information on the company in charge of the ride alongs, Galena On the Fly, please Click Here!

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