Monday, July 30, 2012

Seven Oaks

On July 29th my husband and I went on an adventure date.  We started our day at 9am at Seven Oaks in Boone, IA for some kayaking.  The complex also has skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, canoeing, kayaking, river tubing, paintball, mountain biking and tent camping.
How lucky for us, the large group that was scheduled to go out with us canceled at the last second, leaving the Des Moines river to just me and my husband. There are different trips you can take, we decided on Trip #1, a seven mile 2-4 hour trip that took us past a gorgeous train bridge that had trains constantly passing 185 feet above us.

They drive you a few miles away from the check-in spot to the river.

Excited to kayak, probably wishing I hold told him how to dress....
 The trip was the first surprise for my husband, I guess I didn't explain well enough how he should dress.  Oh well, he looked nice for his pictures in a kayak.

There was so much wildlife, we constantly heard pushes rustling, fish flopping in the water and the peacefulness of the water flowing and birds chirping. 

The last picture before my kayak flipped over a branch under the water and my camera went flying....into the water...
If you would like more information on the complex and what it has to offer
click here for kayaking...
or click here for the websites homepage!

Here are images from the Seven Oaks website!

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