Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas!

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine's Day!  I know some people think it was a holiday invented by Hallmark to make more money, but I think it's wonderful, maybe it's because my favorite color is pink and around this holiday there are pink and red things all over stores.  I don't know, but I do know is people have some really great ideas all over the Internet for the holiday.  There was so much I wanted to grab a bunch of my favorite ideas and put them together.

Valentine's Tasty Goodies

                              umm umm good, heart shaped pancakes for Valentines Day
I can't wait to make these for my kids V-Day morning

This looks so great. Neat idea for cupcakes, putting frosting inside!!!

Cakesters Cutouts
So easy to make these Cakester Oreo heart cookies

Now, I am not the biggest Smarties person, but these actually look amazing!

I like getting the kids valentines balloons and I think these would make great weights for them.

Another great breakfast idea for the family in the morning.

What a great idea for a party!  The tag says, "The best kind of Valentine's Crush is the kind you drink."  This website has a way for you to upload a photo and add the speech quotes!  Plus, these would also make a great card for kids.

                           Pinned Image
Another great breakfast idea.  The website doesn't have directions, but I don't think you really need them, just like cooking regular bacon just twisted.  However, I posted the site to give the kudos.

Passion Pops
There are a lot of possibilities for this.  The website says how to make the cake lollipops and the candies inside the cup are the candy hearts, usually they're spicy!

Valentine's Cards

These are adorable!  What a great idea!

I think this bag is so lovely.  This website has the free printable, you can print on a bag or turn it into a card.

This is so great, the head is a lollipop.  I think I would have the card say something about being a love bug. 

Cute glow stick cards.  Fun alternative since the kids will be getting a bunch of candy treats already.

I like these cards because the leaf on the stem makes a cute place to put the name of the recipient.

Pinned Image
Hand Crafted Valentines
Both the Pop Rocks and the jungle animals are from these same website, same page.  I really loved these because they are really professional looking, but so easy!

Valentine Handprint Card
I am definitely making this for family members!

Valentine Butterflies
This is sweet, but I think instead of one piece of gum, I think I would put in one of the small packs of gum, the ones that have 5 sticks in it.

Valentine's Crafts

                valentine crafts for kids
These will be so fun to make!

These are so sweet.  You could make one for each family member.

Valentines yarn hearts for kids 15 Sweet Kids Crafts for Valentines Day
These look fun and easy!

These are a lot like the tissue paper jars we made earlier this year!  However, they use Mod Podge!

I love a good wreath for the front door!

Pinned Image
These are like classic Valentines crafts.

I remember making these when I was younger, really great idea!

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If you don't see something you think I have to have on here, please feel free to comment your favorite Valentine's Day treat, card idea or craft!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Fun

Today, for the second time I think, there was enough snow for the kids to go outside and enjoy it!  Both kids were bundled up and attempting a snowball fight with me.  It only lasted for about 20 minutes since it was so cold, but it was great!  I get so annoyed that it gets so dark right around the time we all get home from work and school.

His first time wearing snow pants!
Soooo cute!

Faith throwing a snowball at mama!

Hahaha, he looks so chubs all bundled up!

She's crazy and I love her! Those eyes crack me up every time!

Sissy helping her brother get down the

Faux Bois Vases

I loved these vases when I first saw them here at Centsational Girl.  I had to try it myself!  Here is what you will need for this project:
  • Glass vases
  • Silicone paste
  • Frosted glass spray
  • Color of your choice
The first thing you'll need to do is make your faux bois pattern on your vases with the silicone.  I have little to no confidence in my free hand abilities, so I decided to use a dry erase marker to draw my pattern first.

I erased the marker just before I added the paste because I didn't want the blue showing up on the inside.  After applying I thought it looked pretty darn good.

Now you're ready to spray the frost onto the vases.
 After allowing the vases to dry, I think I waited two hours, you can spray the color you decided on for the vase.  I did two different layers of paint and it was enough.

I let the silicone dry overnight, then sprayed the frosted paint on.  You might be wondering why this is necessary, and I thought that too.  I think it looks cleaner if you spray the frost on first.
This is the picture at Centsational Girl that made me want ot make the vases!
Please click the link above to view more of the ideas at their site.

 I am so excited, I think they look so cute!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

Here is a great way to pass the time when suddenly you find yourself with a bored kid or two.  I don't remember where I saw this first, but I have been using this to make mother's day gifts since I was in 6th grade, now my daughter does it.  Here is what you will need:
  • Regular glue
  • tissue paper
  • empty glass jar
  • cup of water
  • paint brushes
  • things to decorate the jars with
Normally I stick to a more matching color pallet, but my daughter wanted to use all the paper.

Start by mixing the glue in with the water.  The color of the water you see above is what you want to get to.

Next you simply tear a piece of the tissue paper off, it doesn't matter how big, small, or shape, whatever you want.
Dip the paper in the glue and spread it onto the jar, however you want.

Continue until you cover the entire jar.  Wait to dry, which shouldn't take too long.  Now, you're ready to decorate.  Here are some examples of what we came up with, the jars on the left and right side are ones I made my mother when I was younger.  This website has some great ideas for what you can do with this.  I used a Newman's Pasta Sauca jar, but using a mason jar would be way cool too.

What do you like to do when it's yucky out?  Any tips for us?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diaper Cake

My gift to the couple for the baby shower was a diaper cake.  I had a lot of fun making this and wanted to share it.  Here is what I used for my diaper cake:
  • Around 80 diapers, depends on how many goodies you stuff in the cake
    • Also, a baby wont wear newborns for very long, so it would be good to get different sizes
  • 80 rubber bands
  • 3 giant rubber bands
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard tube (I used a wrapping paper tube)
  • Wrapping paper, I used white
  • scissors
  • Goodies to put in the cake-Here is what I used
    • Baby shampoo
    • Baby powder
    • Baby body wash
    • Stuffed animals
    • Pacifier
    • Baby bib
    • Baby clothes
    • Pack of wipes
The first part takes the longest, what you'll need to do is wrap all of your diapers a tie them with the rubberbands.  I usually get the white ones, but I thought the green would look nice with the jungle theme of my cake.
Next cut two circles out of cardboard.  This can be measured in different ways, I have heard using a dinner plate for the top layer nad a salad plate for the second tier works, unfortunatly my dinner plates are square, so I ended up using sewing hoops.
In the middle of the circles trace your tube, like I traced the end of the wrapping paper tube.  This way you are sure the tube will fit.
Next, I used my wrapping paper around the layers.  This is actually the top side, it looks a little gross, but it will be covered with diapers and goodies, so it will not be seen.
Put the tube through the holes you cut out, tape the bottom board to the tube.  After, I taped the leaves onto the bottom of the layers, to add to the jungle theme.  You can add any kind of decoration, depending on the theme.  Next, you start to put the diapers on.  A trick I use it to cut a long ribbon and wrap it around the bottom tube, don't tie it, just grip it.  Then, you can easily slide the diapers in, loosening it when you run out of room. 

When you think you have enough, you'll know because it will reach the edge of the board, you can tie the ribbon into a knot.  If it doesn't look great it's fine, the ribbon will cover it.  Now, you'll be able to take out the diapers and replace them with goodies.  Make sure you only do one diaper at a time. 
Now, push down the second tier and add the diapers.  After you finish that one, do the third tier the same.  Since it's such a small tier, I don't bother cutting out a cardboard tier for it.  Once you finish adding the diapers and slipping in your goodies, you're ready to decorate.  I added ribbons and stuffed animals!  I also like to do the fake flowers, big swirly ribbons all over the tiers. 
Front of Diaper Cake
Back of Diaper Cake