Wednesday, August 20, 2014

5th Anniversary Gift- DIY Wine Box and Custom Label

I truly enjoy the tradition of the wedding gift and the 5th anniversary is the wood anniversary.  For some reason it was incredibly difficult for me to come up with something that I thought would really wow my husband.  He is a chef and is really smart about wine and what foods you're supposed to eat with certain types of wine.  Thus, I decided I wanted to make him a wine box.  I found the perfect inspiration from Something Turquoise, the only difference is she turned her box into a wedding ceremony box to be opened at a later anniversary.  On my box I simply added two hinges to the side, which you can slightly see in the picture on the left.  In addition, I spray painted my letters a darker color, which wasn't intentional, I wanted them light, like the box at the inspiration website, but I totally didn't stick my letter stickers on hard enough and it bled through.  I sprayed the hinges the same color as the letters so everything looked put together better.
So, once the box was created I needed something to put into it.  I didn't want to just give him an empty box, seemed like a bit of a let down, here's a wine box, but no wine.  The wine bottle needed to be as special as the box, so I decided to make my own label.  To get the winery label off I simply put the bottle in a sink full of water mixed with dish soap.  After about 20 minutes the label came off easy with the swipe of my sponge.  

After, I designed a label using Photoshop.  I ended up printing them on Avery Weatherproof Package Labels, the size that has two per page 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.  I added our wedding date and part of the lyrics of our song.

I think it turned out pretty well and he was super surprised.  

Remember to check out Something Turquoise for instructions on creating the box. They are super detailed with specific color stain used, and a visual on the sized of wood needed, which I love.

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  1. Yay!!!! Maggie! You did a wonderful job!!! If you tweet or instagram a picture of the box, use the hashtag #somethingturquoisediy and it will show up on our 'get social' page! Thanks for all the love!