Monday, November 28, 2011

A Great Thanksgiving Weekend

The past weekend was full!  Faith had her best friend Bii spend the night for her first sleepover.  Charlie had a lot of fun too!  The kids camped out in living room in sleeping bags.  They fell asleep after playing a bunch of board games, watching Toy Story 3 and eating bomb pops!

He's here for the party!

Best buds!

Silly silly stuff!
     Then on Sunday my husband and I took our two babies to see the Disney on Ice show at Wells Fargo Arena!  It's kind of a tradition, last year was a total princess show, but this year they mixed it up, Lion King, Princesses, Peter Pan, it was great!  Charlie was focused on the show the entire time and Faith's eyes were popping out of her head!  Another year, another fantastic show!  I would highly recommend taking your little ones to see the show!
Wells Fargo Arena!!!

Peter Pan flying overhead!

Jasmin does not look impressed by Prince Ali!

Faith's favorite! She was singing "At Last I See the Light"
 and knew every word!

Showing daddy the coloring book she
bought at the gift store!

Princesses, another favorite of Faith's! It was
 non stop, daddy, mommy look!

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