Monday, November 7, 2011


Although it was a week ago I feel the need to post our Halloween stuff!

    Faith is in Kindergarten this year, and I swear my daughter goes to one of the last few elementary schools in the country that allows food that was baked at home.  Thus, I didn't want to miss the chance to wow the class with my baking skills.  Basically, we baked premade chocolate chip cookies and just made fancy mummies premade icing.  Looks pretty good I would say!  Faith had a blast at her class Halloween party.  All of the parents made the party special, I added a picture of Faith's desk covered in treats!

     I didn't want everyone to miss the cuteness that is my little ones in their costumes!  Faith was Princess Tiana from "Princess and the Frog" and Charlie was a dragon.  My mother made Faith's costume for last years Halloween and it was so beautiful Faith asked to wear it again.  Color me surprised because she never misses the chance to get a new dress up outfit.  The weather was fantastic, but light jackets were needed.  We went with the usual gang of kids and parents, the three cute boys across the street and two little girls we met through the boys.  We walk around our neighborhood and stock up on as much candy as we can.  For most of my childhood, at least the key trick-or-treating years, in Mass. and there are some key differences I've noticed.  For example, when the kids say trick-or-treat in Mass. it's more like a rhetorical comment, the adults should know that the main objective is to get as much candy as you can, and there really is no time for jokes.  I don't remember telling a single joke when I was a kid, but in Iowa every house wants a joke.  This is fun for the first few houses, but we have seven kids to get through here people, we don't have time for this!!!  I understand, you paid for the candy my child is getting for free, but please be happy with one or two kids giving you a laugh.
    Please enjoy these pictures of our Halloween festivities!
Open Up!!!

Our pumpkins!  Can you guess which one is Mommy and
 Faith's and which one is daddy and Charlie's?

Faith at her class Halloween party

The parents and grandparents waiting across the street.

Mama and the Lil Dragon, Charlie

Boys across the street!

At the first house waiting in line to tell jokes

Daddy and Dragon

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