Friday, January 17, 2014

Dia de los Muertos Festival at the Des Moines Art Center

I have this fascination with the Day of the Dead.  I think it's so beautiful that people do so much to remember their loved ones who have passed away.  It's fairly comforting when thinking about death.  Anyway, every year our local Art Center hosts a Dia de Los Muertos Festival and we've gone to it every year.  They have the coolest mariachi band from Omaha, Nebraska called Mariachi Zapata.  Every year there is music, dancing, food, beverages and a lot of other fun entertainment in addition to the regular beauty of the Art Center.

The year the festival honored Warren Morrow (1977-2012) there was a display and short video shown on who he was and his life.

The mariachi band was so lively, ignore the pun, festive and incredibly talented. 

Day of the dead bread was served for free, along with hot chocolate.

Making day of the dead crafts. 

We made skull flags and the traditional tissue flowers.

As I said, the beauty of the Art Center is always a fantastic bonus.

I know it's graffiti, but it was pretty cool looking.

For information on Mariachi Zapata, please visit their website here, or visit their Facebook page here!
For information on the Des Moines Art Center just click here!

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