Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's Been Too Long..

It's been eight months since my last post.  I'm in my senior year at Drake University and it's gotten a little crazy.  I'm going to catch everyone up, starting with last summer, which was awesome!  If you've read my blog before you would know that I was planning a trip for my family to Walt Disney World.  Well, we went and it was amazing!  When people say they make a magical experience for the children, they aren't kidding.

This was the kids' first flight EVER and my husband's first flight in 20 years.  So, this was really exciting.  Everyone did great, although after 10 years together I now know my husband hates flying.

So, the day we left ended up being our four year wedding anniversary.  We were flying and getting settled the majority of the day, so I painted this little guy and snuck it into Dario's peanut bag.  He loved it, we turned it into an ornament to remember such a great trip.

We stayed at the Westgate Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.  I would highly recommend it, it was inexpensive, spacious and there was a bus that dropped off at Disney daily.  There was a really nice kitchen and with little children it was especially nice, because when they were homesick I could make them something we would make at home.
Ignore the mess, we had literally just walked in the door.
My children thought the potty in the closet was especially hilarious.

The bigger couch pulled out into a queen sized bed, perfect for the kids!

Amazing view, it was so nice to relax on the deck after a long day at Disney.

My husband had never seen a palm tree!
The resort also provided a wonderful list of activities for families.  Before our first day at the beach we decided to get a little mini golf in.  There was also bike riding, paddle boats (swan and regular), game rooms, and, my favorite, Starbucks on site.  There was also a little grocery store, which we frequented! 

The kids loved seeing the lizards! A little added bonus!

 Ok, so I did a ton of research before we left, because I wanted to make sure we went to the best beach.  I wanted somewhere not too busy with a cute little town area for shopping and eating.  Well, I found it. We decided to go to Anna Maria Island.  It was incredible, there were so many shells, the water was Caribbean blue, we found a great restaurant, literally, on the beach and the people were so friendly!  This older, retired gentleman saw me taking all the pictures and he came over and said I needed to be in a few.  So we set up for a cute family pic...10 minutes later he handed the camera back....not one picture was actually taken.  He was so sweet though, he wanted me to make sure they looked ok, so I just said they looked great!
This was my favorite picture from the day at the beach!

Love my boys!  Can you see all the shells on the beach?

View from the restaurant!

My mouth waters every time I see this pic!

There will be pictures from Disney World on my next post.  I've shown off so many pictures already I don't want the post to be too long.  It's easy to add so many when I am look at 75 degree weather while sitting in -5 degree weather!

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