Thursday, January 16, 2014

Disney World- ANIMAL KINGDOM!!!

Animal Kingdom was refreshing.  After being at the super busy Magic Kingdom for an entire day, going to the far less busy AK was really nice.

I was especially excited to meet Pocahontas!

 And, of course, again with the turkey leg!  This was cool though, as we were eating cranes kept coming up and begging for food.  Reminded of me being at home with our dogs!!!

Loved these magic photos!  The kids were so surprised when we went over the pictures after we got home!  After a little exploring we made our way to the parade!

I have to tell you, these parades are well thought out.  The color, the movement, the interaction is all very attracting to the kids.  Charlie was up and moving the entire time, and we're talking about a kid who can't even sit still for 10 minutes.

And we had to go on the Kilimanjaro ride, I've heard only awesome things!

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