Thursday, January 16, 2014

Disney World- MAGIC KINGDOM!!!

This is what dreams are made of!  We went to Magic Kingdom on the second and fourth day, because it was so massive you'll need two days to just get through the whole thing. 
You have to get there by Ferryboat, which is pretty cool.  You get to see some of the resorts, which looked awesome.

We got to Main Street and, because I'm such a great planner, I knew we had 30 minutes until the parade started.  Everyone says this is the best time to find a spot to enjoy the show, which was right, because right after we sat down the entire sidewalk filled with people.  I had Dario guard our stuff while I went off to find goodies with the kids.

Here comes the 'A Dream Come True' parade!!!  It was a lot of fun!

This guy waving at the kids, it's the little things
 that make this place so awesome!

Family enjoying the excitement!
We were able to get onto rides really quickly.  I used the Fast Pass on the Ariel, Under the Sea Ride, and we got a bonus pass for Winnie the Pooh!  Awesome! 

Classic ride, love this picture!

A little lunch break with Gaston!  My husband is all about the turkey legs, so he was greatly satisfied!

Bahahaha, I laugh every time I see this!!
Charlie was so excited for the Dumbo ride!  We had to get FastPasses for this ride too, because it was a three hour wait and that was NOT going to happen!

And now some time for shopping!  This Castle Couture shop was great.  The cast members inside went around and sprinkled the kids with sparkles.  They make it a big production, as if they were casting a charm on them for lots of fun and great memories!


Be warned, on the Toy Story ride they take your picture, try and look less tired then I did!

This was one of those magic moments for Faith.  We got in line for Jasmine and Aladdin just before they left for break.  Well, daddy held our place in line while we went shopping.  My mother gave me some spending money for the kids and I told Faith that if she wanted something she would have to call grandma and ask her.  Well, she really wanted the Jasmine costume, which was more then what grandma gave her, so she called to ask if she could borrow a little more.  As she was talking to grandma asking, Jasmine and Aladdin came out from their break.  She spotted Faith holding the Jasmine costume up to her body for sizing.  Jasmine started talking to Faith about how she should buy that, so they could be twins.  Faith explained it was up to grandma, so Jasmine had Faith put grandma on speaker phone so she cold talk grandma into buying the outfit.  Needless to say, after grandma talked to Jasmine she ended up buying Faith the costume, the shoes and the matching purse.
Faith loves this picture, as do I!  She was in total shock that a PRINCESS stopped and had a discussion with her.

One of the greatest discoveries at Disney! DOLE WHIPS!

Time for the Jungle Cruise!  This was a lot of fun, fairly relaxing and the guides were cheesy, but hilarious!

The boys made sure they took a trip back to Tomorrowland to get a ride in.  I'm glad they did this together, made for a great memory for daddy.

 They have the PhotoPass photographer in front of this, I suggest waiting until the end of the day to take this photo. If we had taken the photo when we first got there we would've waited about 30 minutes in line, and there would've been A LOT of people standing behind them.  Notice, the perfect timing in the kids' photo, the train is passing through at the perfect time!

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